Humanitarian aid to Ukraine, help for Ukrainians stranded in Georgia among Georgian Government’s support initiatives since Russian invasion

Georgia has been providing large-scale humanitarian assistance to Ukraine since the start of hostilities in the country last month, while also extending support to Ukrainian citizens in Georgia. Photo: Government of Georgia., 08 Mar 2022 - 14:47, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia has been providing large-scale humanitarian assistance to Ukraine since the start of hostilities in the country last month, while also extending support to Ukrainian citizens in Georgia.

The Georgian Government allocated 1 million GEL ($315,457 /€279,842) from its reserve fund to assist the Ukrainians affected by Russia's ongoing invasion. The decision was made by Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, who signed the decree for delivering the aid. The funds were allocated to the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons, Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia to purchase medical supplies.

Photo: Government of Georgia

On  February 27, 100 tons of humanitarian aid including first aid items, more than 30 types of medicines, oxygen concentrators and other humanitarian items was sent to Ukraine via Poland. In addition, Georgia supplied the country under Russia’s assault with a supply of blood components, materials for transfusion and tests.

Since February 24, the Georgian National Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia announced its initiative to support Ukrainians unable to return to their country after the launch of the Russian invasion.

Photo: National Tourism Administration

Under the coordination of the agency, Ukrainian tourists were offered accommodation in hotels beginning on February 25, a day following the start of the invasion. The Georgian private sector also expressed readiness to provide hotel accommodation for Ukrainian tourists almost free of charge throughout the country.

Starting March 1, the Tourism Administration was instructed to provide state-funded temporary accommodation for Ukrainian tourists in Georgia. Citizens of Ukraine that had entered the country between February 1-February 23 were provided with free accommodation and food by the state on the basis of application. Photo: National Tourism Administration

On  February 28, the Georgian Economy Ministry and Enterprise Georgia agency announced a new “large-scale campaign” under the #produceforukraine hashtag, revealing they would deliver products to Ukrainians in need of assistance following the outbreak of hostilities in their homeland.

Photo: Enterprise Georgia Agency

On February 28, Georgian Post began to send humanitarian parcels from Georgia to Ukraine free of charge, to support the country’s population amid the ongoing Russian military aggression, Deputy Economy Minister Guram Guramishvili announced.  Citizens can apply to service centres of the postage company across the country to use the free service, which Guramishvili said was a continuation of Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili’s decision to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

On  March 4, the Georgian Health Ministry announced all citizens of Ukraine residing in Georgia would receive free emergency medical services if needed. Covid-19 testing, treatment at Covid-designated clinics, and vaccination for the virus were also provided free of charge. The aid package applied to all Ukrainian citizens who arrived in Georgia between 1 February-23 February.

Photo: The Ministry of Health

The Health Ministry additionally opened registration for blood donors offering support to those injured during the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine, with the body also announcing a hotline for the purpose.

On March 6, within the framework of the Enterprise Georgia campaign, 40 tons of humanitarian aid was sent  to help Ukrainians displaced by the war. Goods including food, beverages, clothes, hygiene products and medical supplies were collected with support of Georgian companies to comprise the aid. 

Photo: Enterprise Georgia Agency

Additionally, a campaign by Enterprise Georgia has provided products of high necessity to Ukrainian citizens stranded in Georgia by the outbreak of hostilities in their homeland. The products were produced by companies that have been involved in the #produceforukraine campaign.

On March 7, Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said the Government had been supporting Ukraine “at all international levels” and would continue to do so on the backdrop of the Russian invasion.

Expressing solidarity with Ukraine and its citizens, the head of the Government noted the 140 tons of humanitarian aid sent from Georgia to help Ukrainian cities over the previous days, as well as the Georgian Ambassador’s continued work in the country amid the war to ensure no Georgian citizens would be left without support from their state.

Photo: Government of Georgia

Russia began its military assault on Ukraine on February 24, following President Putin’s announcement of the recognition of the independence of the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk on February 21.