Rescuers save young woman at Mkinvartsveri, Georgia

The young woman was unable to move. Photo: Emergency Management Service., 08 Jul 2019 - 18:42, Tbilisi,Georgia

Rescuers saved a young Georgian woman when she was hiking towards the Mkinvartsveri peak in Kazbegi region of Georgia today.

The young woman was in need of medical assistance as she had injuries on legs and was unable to move.

Rescuers of Kazbegi emergency service department brought the injured woman to the location where emergency brigade was mobilised.

Mkinvartsveri (Kazbegi Mountain) is the third highest peak in Georgia. Photo: Emergency Management Service. 

The injured woman was sent to a Kazbegi inpatient facility afterwards.

Earlier in June, Georgian rescuers saved three German and one French tourist in the mountains of Svaneti, one of Georgia’s most popular resorts.

Mkinvartsveri, also known as Kazbegi Mountain, is the third highest peak in Georgia preceded by Mount Shkhara and Janga.

It is also the seventh highest summit in the Caucasus Mountains.

The peak was recently remeasured and was officially said to be of 5,054 meters height.