Georgian rescuers save 9 tourists in Racha, 7 are Norwegians

Two other tourists have stayed at the site, waiting for the reopening of the road to move their vehicles.Photo: Emergency Management Service press office., 12 Jul 2019 - 13:23, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia rescuers have saved nine tourists in Georgia’s mountainous Racha region in western Georgia earlier today, when masses of stones and trees collapsed and blocked the road near the village of Glola.

Tourists were unable to move. After a several hour-long rescue operation, seven Norwegian and two Georgian citizens have been transported to a safe place,” the Georgian Emergency Management Service reports.

The agency says that two other individuals [of their own accord] have stayed at the site, under the supervision of rescuers, in the cars they used during the travel.

Georgian Roads Department employees are now trying to clean the territory to allow the vehicles move.

However, due to bad weather the works have not been launched so far.