Media solidarity rallies held in Georgian regions following violent attacks against journalists

Right-wing groups attacking the Shame movement office on July 5 located behind the parliament building in central Tbilisi. Photo: Nino Alavidze/, 06 Jul 2021 - 15:36, Tbilisi,Georgia

Journalists and media representatives in various regions of Georgia held media solidarity rallies earlier today following the violent attacks against journalists yesterday at the Tbilisi Pride march counter rally by right-wing groups. 

Journalists from the Black Sea city of Batumi, Georgia’s western cities of Kutaisi and Zugdidi and the towns of Telavi and Gori protested and condemned the violence against journalists and called on the government to stop supporting and encouraging criminals

“No to violence, let us work!” - under this slogan journalists, representatives of NGOs and opposition parties from Kutaisi protested violent attacks against journalists and the obstruction of their ability to perform their professional duties. 

Civic activists and journalists from several other cities of Georgia also demanded a rapid investigation of the incidents and the punishment of the individuals responsible.

 Rally of journalists in Batumi. Photo:

A silent rally will be held in front of the parliament on Rustaveli Avenue today at 8 p.m., the leader of the opposition party Girchi - More Freedom, Zurab Japaridze, announced earlier today. 

It was a well-organised special operation conducted jointly by the government and the Patriarchate. What we saw yesterday is the darkness that hinders the progress of this country, the darkness that literally kills the future of our children”, said Japaridze. 

The European Georgia opposition party and the political movement Droa will join the silent rally. 

Right-wing groups attacked journalists and cameramen at the Tbilisi Pride march counter rally on Rustaveli Avenue yesterday.

53 journalists out of 55 people were injured

Police are investigating the incidents. 11 people were detained for violence against journalists and for the attack on the offices of Tbilisi Pride and the Shame movement.