Police arrest 31-year-old man for online sexual harassment of adolescents

Investigators said the detainee had been maintaining communication with adolescents via Facebook. Photo: cnet.com

Agenda.ge, 13 Jan 2019 - 20:39, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian police have arrested a man accused of sexually harassing adolescents online and violating their right to privacy.

Investigators said that an individual identified as N.K., born in 1988, had been in close contact with adolescents via Facebook and coerced them into sharing photos and private information with them.

Gathering this information, N.K. then tried to coerce the adolescents into remaining in contact with him.

His detention was preceded by a mother who wrote on social media that her 9-year-old child had been targeted by him.

The mother said in her post that the man started threatening her child after the latter stopped responding to him in an online conversation.