Special clubs to be created at schools to combat dangerous internet games, online threats

The Georgian Education Ministry says that the clubs raising the children’s awareness regarding online threats will be created this year. Photo: tvc.texas.

Agenda.ge, 11 Mar 2019 - 18:38, Tbilisi,Georgia

Special clubs will be created at schools and an active information campaign will be launched to raise children’s awareness regarding the threats coming from Internet, including dangerous online games, the Georgian Education Ministry reports.

The step follows the statement of the head of Parliament’s Human Rights Committee Sophio Kiladze last week, during the discussions around the Code on the Rights of the Child, when she stated that “urgent measures must be taken” to protect children from online threats, including the “horrible Blue Whale game which has claimed many lives.”

All the sites are blocked or restricted at schools which may affect a child or any member of a school. We will take further measures to raise the children’s awareness regarding internet threats,” the ministry says.

Several Georgian parents linked suicide of their children with the Blue Whale game.

However, the Georgian Interior Ministry did not confirm this and refused connections between the game and the death cases. 

The Blue Whale is reported to be an online game pushing teenagers to commit suicide.

As it is reported by the international media and the family of victims, the game is composed of 50 tasks which must be completed in 50 days.

Very first challenges are simple, with all the following assignments becoming more and more complicated. The final challenge is to commit suicide.

The game is supposed to have started in Russia and then spread to other countries, like the US, Ukraine, India.