Bill providing tougher punishment for sexual crimes against minors sent to gov’t

The sentence for sexual crimes against minors may reach 20 years based on the circumstances. Photo: Interior Ministry press office., 12 Feb 2019 - 18:03, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Interior Ministry has reported  today that they have sent a bill which provides tougher er punishment for sexual crimes against minors to the government for confirmation.

If the bill is approved by the government then it will be sent to parliament for voting.

The bill reads that convicts in sexual crimes against minors will be deprived of the right to work at educational institutions.

They will be deprived of other civil rights as well.  The ministry will create a special database of all people convicted of sexual crimes against minors. The individuals will be under permanent surveillance to prevent sexual crimes against minors,” the ministry statement reads.

The ministry stated only specialised investigators will look into sexual crimes.

The group investigators of the Interior Ministry have undergone special trainings,” the Interior Ministry says.

The ministry says that they will provide psychological assistance to the victims of sexual violence and their families.

The Interior Ministry reports that victims of sexual abuse and their parents have become more open to contacting law enforcement agencies.

116 individuals were charged in 2018 for various offences committed against minors.

The ministry stated that:

  • Four individuals were detained for rape of minors.
  • Two for committing sexual offences other than rape.
  • 24 for indecency to minors.
  • 86 for consensual sexual relationship with those under 16.

The current legislation provides five to seven years in prison for indecent actions against children under 14.