UPDATED: Elections 2016 - Voting over, final exit polls released

Today Georgians voted to elect the 150-seat Parliament, 77 members through party lists and 73 in the majoritarian districts. Photo by Nino Alavidze/Agenda.ge
Agenda.ge, 08 Oct 2016 - 22:34, Tbilisi,Georgia
UPDATED: 22:30

Four broadcasters Imedi TV, Maestro, GDS and Georgia’s Public Broadcaster (GPB) have updated their exit poll results with final information collected from voters after 8pm on Election Day.

The margin of error was +/- 2 percent, while 9 percent of voters refused to say who they voted for. The field work for the election poll was carried out by Georgian Gorbi company.

The final TNS Global exit poll results showed:

The survey asked 967 people of their election choices nationwide.

Rustavi 2 have also released its final exit poll results. It's survey was carried out by research company GFK.

The final GFK exit poll results showed:

The margin of error was +/- 1.5 percent, said the Rustavi 2 official website.

EARLIER: 20:15

The final votes have been cast in the last minutes of Georgia's Parliamentary Elections 2016. 

At 8pm election rules meant local TV companies started releasing initial exit poll results.

TNS exil poll results

One exit poll commissioned jointly by four broadcasters (Imedi TV, Maestro, GDS and Georgia’s Public Broadcaster (GPB) and conducted by TNS Global, an independent market research company from the UK) shows three political parties overcame the 5 percent threshold. 

The data was based on nationwide polls carried out before 6pm:

The four broadcasters said data based on 8pm polls will be released later. 

GFK exit poll results

Results of another exit poll commissioned by Rustavi 2 broadcasting company and carried out by research company GFK, are quite different. 

Rustavi 2 did not state what hours the exit poll where carried out; the TV anchor only said they were nationwide and preliminary  results: