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As the part of the Georgian Dream coalition for Parliamentary Elections 2012, the Republican Party holds 8 seats in the eight Parliament of Georgia (2012-2016). 

The Republican Party of Georgia, commonly known as the Republicans, is a political party in Georgia active since 1978. Until March 2016 the party was a part of the Georgian Dream coalition that won the 2012 election, defeating the United National Movement.

Republicans are participating in October 8, 2016 Parliamentary Elections as the independent party

Republicans had three ministers in the Georgian Dream (GD) coalition Cabinet-Minister of Defence Tinatin Khidasheli, first female Minister of Defence in the history of independent Georgia; Paata Zakareishvili, Minister for Reconciliation and Civil Equality and Minister of Environment Gigla Agulashvili. 

Khidasheli and Zakareishvili stepped down in July, as they decided to stay in the Republican Party which is running separately from the ruling team in the Saturday’s elections, while Agulashvili quit the party and still serves as the Minister of Environment. 

The party supports Georgia’s pro-Western line and bids to join NATO and the European Union.

The leader of the party is current Parliament Speaker David Usupashvili.

Slogan: "Let us free ourselves!”

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Top priorities of election platform:

  •  Freedom;
  •  Equality;
  •  Economy;
  •  Social welfare;
  •  Regional development.

Biggest promises:

  • Development of small and medium businesses in regions;
  • Tax policy will be more friendly to tax payers;
  • Fight monopoly, support competitiveness;
  • Lowering interest rates by reducing risks;
  • Protection of property;
  • Simplifying taxation procedures;
  • GEL 60 million will be annually allocated for start-up projects in regions;
  • GEL 200 million will be annually allocated to help expand businesses in regions;
  • Setting up national currency exchange rates will become transparent;
  •  Better investment environment;
  • Easier access to healthcare;
  • Creation of data base of unemployed people and offering them relevant jobs;
  • Launching effective mechanism to settle labour disputes;
  • Increasing export opportunities for small and medium businesses;
  • More focus on regional development;
  • Creation of water resources management system;
  • More effective government system.

Proportional list, top 10:

  1.  David Usupashvili – Parliament Speaker of Georgia
  2.  Khatuna Samnidze – Chairperson of the party;
  3.   Levan Berdzenishvili – Member of Parliament in 2004-2008 and in 2012-2016, background in philology with teaching experience at world’s leading universities;
  4.  Tinatin Khidasheli – Georgia’s Defence Minister from May 2015 to August 2016;
  5.  Vakhtang Khmaladze – Member of Parliament three times (first in 1993 then 1999 and 2012);
  6. Tamar Kordzaia – Member of Parliament, background in law;
  7.  David Zurabishvili – Member of Parliament in 2004-2008, Deputy Education Minister in 2012-2013;
  8.  Tamar Khidasheli - Ex-head of Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association and current Member of Parliament;
  9.  Nodar Ebanoidze – Member of Parliament, background in economy;
  10.  Pridon Sakvarelidze – Member of Parliament twice (first in 1992 then in 2012), Doctor of Medicine.

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