№5 United National Movement

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Georgia's ex-ruling party (2003-2012), holds 37 seats in the eight Parliament of Georgia. 

Election bloc consisted of two parties:
  1. United National Movement
  2. European Georgia
 The United National Movement (UNM) political party was founded in 2001 by Mikheil Saakashvili, ex-President of Georgia.

 The UNM ruled Georgia for nine years from 2003-2012, with Saakashvili being President of the country, before the party lost parliamentary elections to the Georgian Dream (GD) coalition in 2012.

 The election results saw then-newly created GD coalition receive slightly less than 55 percent of votes, while the UNM had slightly more than 40 percent.

Since 2012 the UNM is an active opposition party.

Slogan: "With New Energy for Georgia’s Advancement”

Website: unm.ge 

Top priorities of election platform:

  • Economic development and employment;
  • Healthcare;
  • Education;
  • Rule of law and human rights;
  • Ensuring peace and security.
Biggest promises:

  • Decreasing taxes;
  • More money to public, less money to officials and Bureaucracy;
  • Increasing pension by GEL 50;
  • More liberal tax policy for business;
  • 45 000 new jobs in 2017, 30 000 new jobs annually;
  • Decreased governmental expenses;
  • Universal tax amnesty immediately after the elections;
  • Better healthcare packages;
  • More families receive social assistance;
  • Increased funding for schools;
  • 5,000 more students receive state funding for higher education;
  • More liberal criminal law policy;
  • Independent court;
  • Restriction of using pre-trail detention on a range of crimes;
  • Abolishment of Financial Police;
  • Georgians will travel to EU visa-free in 2017;
  • Abolishment of mandatory military service by 2019.

Proportional list, top 10:

  1. Davit Bakradze – UNM leader, Parliament Speaker in 2008-2012;
  2. Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs - the First Lady of Georgia from 2004 to 2013, when her husband Mikheil Saakashvili was president of the country. 
  3. Elene Khoshtaria – a political expert and envoy of local NGO Georgia’s Reforms Associates (GRASS);
  4. Roman Gotsiridze – an economic expert, former head of the National Bank of Georgia (2005-2007);
  5. Nika Melia – UNM member;
  6. Giorgi Tugushi – former Public Defender and Minister of Corrections of Georgia (2009-2012);
  7. Otar Kakhidze – a lawyer;
  8. Salome Samadashvili – a lawyer, held several high-ranking diplomatic posts under former government;
  9. Irakli Abesadze – UNM member; and
  10. Sergi Kapanadze – former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs under ex-government, founder of local NGO Georgia’s Reforms Associates (GRASS).

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