Georgian Airways, Bravo Airways, Fly Dubai add new flights to Georgia

Three airlines will increase flight frequency and add new flights to Georgia this summer. Photo by Georgia's Ministry of Economy., 13 May 2016 - 17:35, Tbilisi,Georgia

A local airline and two international carriers are adding new flights and increasing the frequency of existing flights to Georgia this summer.

Today it was revealed Georgian carrier Georgian Airways, Ukraine’s Bravo Airways and Dubai Aviation Corporation Fly Dubai will establish new flights, and offer more flights to better serve Georgia’s growing tourism industry.

Georgia’s Ministry of Economy announced Georgian Airways will perform regular flights to Iraq, starting May 22.

The Tbilisi-Erbil-Tbilisi flights will connect visitors travelling between the two countries’ capital cities. Flights will initially be carried out twice per week.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian airline company Bravo Airways will soon start flights between Ukraine’s capital Kiev and Georgia’s Black Sea resort town Batumi.

The Kiev-Batumi-Kiev flights will begin on June 19. This service will be carried out once per week until September 18.

In the near future Dubai’s state-owned low-cost air carrier Fly Dubai will significantly increase the amount of flights between Dubai and Tbilisi.

From July 8, Fly Dubai will perform flights 14 times per week instead of the current seven. However from September 30 flight frequency on the same route will reduce to 10 times per week.