Batumi International Airport welcomes new flights from Russia, Israel

El Al Israel Airlines performed its first flight between Tel Aviv and Batumi today. Photo by TAV Georgia., 16 May 2016 - 18:15, Tbilisi,Georgia

Batumi International Airport in Georgia’s west coast is welcoming new airlines and new flight routes, offering new destinations and a better service for travellers in Georgia. 

 Two new airlines touched down in Batumi today for the first time; one coming from Russia and the other from Israel.

The airport, operated by TAV Georgia, today welcomed the first Tel Aviv-Batumi flight by El Al Israel Airlines.

Direct flights from Tel Aviv to Batumi International Airport will be performed three times per week on Monday, Thursday and Friday on Boeing-737, Boeing-757 and Airbus A-320 aircrafts. 

TAV Georgia stated El Al Israel Airlines would launch flights between Tbilisi International Airport and Tel-Aviv on May 31. 

Russia’s Ural Airlines carried out its debut flight from St. Petersburg, Russia to Batumi, Georgia today. Photo by TAV Georgia. 

Also today the Russia’s Ural Airlines carried out its debut flight from St. Petersburg to Batumi. 

Direct flights from Batumi International Airport to St. Petersburg will be carried out twice per week, on Friday and Monday on A-320 and A-321 aircrafts, said TAV Georgia on its website. 

The company also announced Ural Airlines would begin flying from Batumi to Samara – the sixth largest city in Russia – from June 7 this year. 

Ural Airlines started operating out of Batumi International Airport last year with direct flights to Moscow.

Both Tbilisi and Batumi International Airports are operated by TAV Georgia, a daughter company of Turkish TAV Airports Holding.