Ruling party says repeat elections not on agenda

  • Having nominated a new prime minister the ruling party is now preparing to approve cabinet of ministers in coming weeks. Photo: Georgian Dream's Facebook page, 18 Feb 2021 - 21:27, Tbilisi,Georgia

Ruling Georgian Dream party member Mamuka Mdinaradze says that any discussion on holding repeat parliamentary elections is ‘speculative', responding to the opposition’s demand that snap elections be held in the country.

If the opposition was and is still expecting any suggestion on their main demand, the parliament has set up an investigative commission [to answer the questions] about the election issues upon the initiative of the Georgian Dream faction and they can join it”, Mdinaradze has stated earlier today. 

Welcoming Giorgi Gakharia’s resignation from the prime minister’s position earlier today, opposition United National Movement chair Nika Melia said that the ruling party and the opposition ‘must come to an agreement’ on repeat parliamentary elections. 

Announcing his resignation following yesterday's court ruling against MeliaGakharia said  although the UNM leader had violated the law, it was not the right time for his detention. 

Giorgi Gakharia has tweeted after his resignation:

Meanwhile, noting that  the country is facing 'extremely serious challenges' the United States Embassy said the US 'stands ready to assist Georgia in finding a solution to the current crisis and to return focus to creating jobs, reducing poverty, and rebuilding the economy'.

Preparing to form a new cabinet of ministers in the coming days, Parliament Speaker Archil Talakvadze said the Georgian Dream 'is in full control of its move forward'. 

Georgian Dream has won the parliamentary elections in Georgia last year. However, claiming that the elections have been falsified in favour of the ruling party, opposition parties which have overcome the mandatory 1% threshold, demand repeat elections be held.