Russia to send mobile brigades to occupied Abkhazia to ‘prevent coronavirus’

  • De facto Abkhazia has banned all foreigners except Russians from entering the region. Photo: 1TV., 28 Feb 2020 - 14:06, Tbilisi,Georgia

Russia will send mobile brigades to Georgia’s occupied Abkhazia region ‘to prevent the spread of the new, China-born coronavirus’. 

Local media reports that the ‘sanitary-epidemic brigades’ will come to the region by special vehicles in the coming days to provide medicines, protective materials and diagnostic services. 

De facto Abkhazia announced yesterday that it is barring entry 'to all foreigners except Russians', including the only crossing point connecting the region with the rest of Georgia, to prevent the spread of the respiratory infection. 

Georgia has one confirmed case of the new coronavirus - Covid-19 as of now, while Russia has two such cases. 

Another Russian occupied Tskhinvali region also closed all crossing points with the rest of Georgia ‘due to virus-related fears.’