Occupied Abkhazia opens crossing point for people who underwent treatment on Tbilisi-controlled territory

  • De facto authorities of Abkhazia region closed the Enguri Bridge in early March. Photo: livepress.

Agenda.ge, 26 May 2020 - 13:50, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Russian-controlled Abkhazia region has opened the only crossing point on Enguri Bridge earlier today for people who were undergoing treatment for COVID-19 and other diseases on Tbilisi-controlled territory. 

The crossing point will remain closed for other individuals ‘ to prevent the spread of the coronavirus,’ the local de facto officials say. 

Individuals who will return to the region will be placed under 14-day quarantine. 

According to the most recent information, 188 individuals have entered the rest of Georgia from the region since March 22. 

80 of the 188 individuals have received different, free of charge medical aid for various illnesses, while others were under quarantine or self-isolation.