De facto Abkhazia closes the only crossing point with rest of Georgia after brief reopening

  • The de facto authorities of Abkhazia say that the reason for the closure is the coronavirus. Photo: 1TV., 2 Jun 2020 - 14:58, Tbilisi,Georgia

The de facto government of Georgia’s Russian occupied Abkhazia region has closed the only crossing point with the rest of Georgia earlier today, after opening it on May 26 to allow back in individuals who had undergone treatment on the Tbilisi controlled territory. 

The de facto authorities say that 532 people have returned to the region since May 26. 

The occupied region closed the Enguri crossing point with the rest of Georgia in March to ‘prevent the spread of the coronavirus.’ 

However, the de facto authorities did not close the region to Russian citizens at that time.

Most of the coronavirus cases which have been reported in Abkhazia were connected with Russia.