Ukraine crisis: Georgia offers treatment to injured Ukrainians

Georgia's Health Minister is on an official visit to Ukraine to offer help during the crisis., 28 Aug 2014 - 13:36, Tbilisi,Georgia

Ukrainian citizens injured in the ongoing fight for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity will be brought to Georgia for medical treatment.

This was one of three initiatives agreed today by acting Ukrainian Health Minister Vasil Lazoryshynets and Georgian Health Minister David Sergeeneko.

The pair met in Ukraine and discussed how Georgia could assist its neighbour during Ukraine’s ongoing struggle for sovereignty and territorial integrity.

At the meeting it was agreed Ukrainians injured in the ongoing crisis would be transferred to Georgia for medical treatment. It was also agreed Georgia would supply medicine to patients who remained in Ukraine.

Furthermore, the Ministers agreed a bilateral working group would be established to coordinate the two countries’ efforts and ensure all activities were conducted in a streamlined way.

Minister Sergeenko is on an official visit to Ukraine and is accompanied by head of Georgia’s Emergency Situations Department Zurab Utiashvili.