Government’s human rights strategy “covers all basic human rights, priorities” - PM advisor

Niko Tatulashvili, the Georgian Prime Minister’s advisor for Human Rights, on Monday noted the directions of the Government’s new National Human Rights Strategy. Photo: Parliament of Georgia press office, 05 Sep 2022 - 17:22, Tbilisi,Georgia

Niko Tatulashvili, the Georgian Prime Minister’s advisor for Human Rights, on Monday said the Government’s new National Human Rights Strategy, covering the years 2022-2030, ensured protection of “all basic human rights” and defined priorities in economic, social and civil rights. 

Speaking after the cabinet meeting where the new strategy was announced, Tatulashvili said the United Nations Development Programme, the representative of the European Union High Commissioner for Human Rights in Georgia, European experts, domestic state agencies and the civil sector had been involved in drafting the document, which is expected to be sent to the Parliament for the final approval in the coming days. 

The strategy has four main directions. Civil and political rights, as well as justice issues, are the first priority. The next priority is social and economic rights. Then comes equality policy and the rights of conflict-affected populations”, said the PM’s advisor. 

Tatulashvili also added following the Parliament’s approval of the strategy, the Government would start working on an action plan to ensure the “practical implementation” of the document. 

In his comments on the document - the second national human rights strategy to be proposed - Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili made comments on the first National Strategy that covered the years between 2014-2020, saying it had been the first such document in the modern history of the country and had been initiated and approved by Georgian Dream authorities two years after taking office.