Gov’t approves 8-year human rights strategy following discussions with foreign, domestic actors

Georgian Prime Minister on Monday said the new national strategy for human rights would be sent to the Parliament for final approval. Photo: Government of Georgia press office, 05 Sep 2022 - 15:11, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said on Monday his Government had approved the National Strategy for Human Rights Protection for the years 2022-2030 following discussions with both international partners and domestic non-governmental organisations. 

Speaking during a cabinet meeting, the head of the Government said the second national strategy for human rights would now be sent to the state legislature for final approval. 

In further details, Garibashvili noted the first National Strategy for Human Rights, covering the years between 2014-2020, had been the first such document in the modern history of the country and had been initiated and approved by Georgian Dream authorities two years after taking office. 

Commending the role of Thomas Hammerberg, a Swedish diplomat and human rights expert, in producing the country’s first human rights strategy vision, Garibashvili called it a “comprehensive document” following the “severe human rights violations” under the previous Government of the United National Movement party.

We remember very well that there was no sign of democracy, and human rights were trampled under the foot in all directions under the previous state leadership. Of course, since then, we have completely changed the situation in terms of human rights protection”, Garibashvili said. 

The PM said the new document “will once again ensure high-level protection” of human rights in Georgia.