Georgian man whose house is divided into two by occupying forces requests advice from NATO PA president

  • Georgian man Data Vanishvili, who is unable to leave his own house because of the presence of occupying forces, has spoken with the NATO PA president at the occupation line. Photo: 1TV., 13 Sep 2019 - 14:23, Tbilisi,Georgia

 88-year-old Georgian man Data Vanishvili, whose house and agricultural lands are divided in two by occupying forces, has asked advice from NATO PA President Madeleine Moon, who has visited the occupation line in the village of Khurvaleti earlier today. 

I am 88-years-old. I was born here, in the house, grew up here and Russians are now telling me that the territory is theirs...My daughter is unable to come and see me and my wife, who is ill now, as occupying forces are threatening her. I am unable to take my wife to the hospital. Others are controlling and harvesting my lands, giving me nothing. I am asking you-what can i do?” Vanishvili told Moon. 

Data Vanishvili has been detained several times for crossing the so-called border, which is in his yard. Photo: Nino Alavidze/

Moon thanked Vanishvili for his bravery and promised that the report written by the NATO PA will not remain only on paper. 

Our job is to observe the situation, ask questions and voice the words of the people who are in trouble in London, during the NATO PA assembly. I promise that we will not write a report only, we will do our best to familiarise the world with the problems you face here,” Moon said. 

Moon visited Georgia yesterday and has already met with top Georgian figures.