NATO PA president recalls “emotional visit” in Georgia, vows to speak about Georgia in speech

President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly  Madeleine Moon visited Georgia in mid-September. Photo: NATO PA., 14 Oct 2019 - 09:33, Tbilisi,Georgia

President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Madeleine Moon says that her recent visit to Georgia made a “big impact on her” and she intends to speak about the country and its problem of occupation during her speech at the assembly later today.

Georgia has made a special impact on me. It was very real and powerful emotion. This always happens when we see reality and the lives of specific people. Especially an elderly man trapped beyond the barbed-wire-fence who is taking care of his [ill] wife,” Moon told the Georgian Public Broadcaster. 

The 65th Plenary Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly was opened in London on October 12. 

Moon met with Georgian legislators yesterday on the sidelines of the assembly.

She visited Georgia on September 12, met with top Georgian officials and visited the occupation line in the village of Khurvaleti.