Occupants prevent 85-year-old Georgian man from crossing occupation line to vote

  • Data Vanishvili says that he tried to cross the occupation line this morning to vote, but he cut his hand on the barbed-wire fences and so-called border guards prevented him from crossing and threatened him. Photo: N.Alavidze/Agenda.ge.

Agenda.ge, 28 Nov 2018 - 16:26, Tbilisi,Georgia

Russia-controlled so-called border guards are standing in front of the home of 85-year-old Georgian citizen Data Vanishvili to prevent him from voting in the Georgian presidential election runoff.

Vanishvili managed to cross the occupation line and vote in the first round of elections on 28 October.

Two so-called border guards came to me this morning and warned me not to cross the line. They threatened me that if I did go vote, they would detain me and make me pay fine. They are nearby to prevent from going to vote”, Vanishvili told the Georgian media.

Vanishvili’s yard is divided in two by Russian-erected illegal barbed wire fences.

Vanishvili stated during the first round of elections that he had been warned by the Russia-controlled troops not to “cross the border”, but he did so anyway and voted at the Khurvaleti village polling station.