EU-Atlantic Integration State Minister steps down

State minister announced the resignation during live interview. Screenshot from the TV news., 05 Nov 2014 - 01:33, Tbilisi,Georgia

State Minister of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Alex Petriashvili announced his resignation during a live interview with Georgian Maestro TV last night after receiving news of the dismissal of his political ally Defence Minister Irakli Alasania by the Prime Minister.

Petriashvili said the political strike on one of the most successful Governmental bodies - the Ministry of Defence - was "obvious".

"Alasania is the most interested in the transparent and final investigation of the Ministry of Defence case. I trust NATO top officials and experts assess the activity and reforms of the Georgian Defence Ministry as successful and transparent in their reports,” he said.

"I am not a law expert but Alasania answered all questions from my point of view. I have no reason not to believe in the innocence of his colleagues [who were charged by the Chief Prosecutor’s Office].”

Minister Petriashvili said he will officially file his resignation tomorrow. 

"I do not see myself in cabinet where the Head of the Government has no more trust in my ally and my party leader [Alasania],” he added.

When asked whether the Free Democrats party will leave the Georgian Dream coalition, Petriashvili answered that "we will discuss the coalition tomorrow”.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili invited all fraction members of  the Free Democrats, including Alasania, to attend a broader meeting of the coalition Georgian Dream political council today, November 5.