Georgia improves ways to tackle natural disasters

Georgia's winter resort Bakuriani; Photo by N. Aavidze /, 17 Sep 2014 - 12:21, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia will develop new mechanisms to quickly respond and tackle the effects of natural disasters.

The country’s Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure David Shavliashvili agreed new measures would be put in place at yesterday’s meeting with regional Governors.

The Minister and the regional heads also discussed Georgia’s situation in regards to household solid waste management. Particular interest was also paid to renewing the auto park needed for cleaning the Black Sea coast and other tourist zones.

The Governors said this year the number of visitors to Georgian resorts had increased by 200 percent which resulted in more waste. This caused a full mobilisation of machinery and personnel to manage municipal solid wastes, they said.

"Taking this experience into account, the Ministry will soon begin working to assure regions are more prepared for the 2015 tourist season,” the Ministry said.