Gov’t: Latest landslide ‘more severe’ than previous one

One person found dead after the landslide head Georgia's northern Devdoraki Gorge on Wednesday., 22 Aug 2014 - 13:22, Tbilisi,Georgia

One person has died and another is missing following this week’s landslide in Devdoraki Gorge, near Kazbegi and the Russian border.

The body of a Turkish citizen, who was employed at the Dariali Hydro Power Plant (HPP), was swept down the Tergi River and washed ashore on the Russian side, near Larsi village.

The second person missing is a Georgian citizen, who was also employed at the HPP.

The landslide stuck late on Wednesday evening.

Emergency staff met at Dariali valley yesterday and evaluated the scale of the damage caused by the August 20 disaster.

Following their initial inspection of the site, the experts believed the damage caused by this week’s landslide was "significantly higher” than the previous landslide that hit the same area in May. Five people died in the previous landslide, which struck Dariali Gorge on May 17.

It is already known about 300-400 cubic metres of rock collapsed into the valley during Wednesday night’s landslide.

The group was created according to a decree of the Prime Minister and the meeting was attended by the Ministers of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Internal Affairs, Environment and Natural Resources Protection and Finance. The Prime Minister’s adviser in issues of national security Mindia Janalidze also attended the meeting.

The Emergency staff group discussed a plan to remedy the results of the disaster and clean the territory.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Environment monitoring results have shown there is still a risk of another landslide on the Devdorak glacier.

The Ministry released a special statement noting a decision had been made to establish 24-hour monitoring in the valley, which will give officials the capability to gain earlier warning about future disasters.

In addition, a Commission to determine and eliminate the damage caused to the Kazbegi customs checkpoint was created by the decree of the Finance Minister. The Commission will be led by head of the Revenue Service Irakli Gvaramidze and will consist of heads and employees of different departments within the Ministry.