Smashing landslide in Dariali Gorge in northern Georgia

Rescuers are trying to find survivors. Photo by, 17 May 2014 - 13:26, Tbilisi,Georgia

Early this morning a section of mountainside collapsed and caused a landslide near Gveleti village, in the Dariali Gorge in northern Georgia near the Russian border. 

Locals said this swarm of debris caused a dam in Tergi river, 20km away from the ongoing construction works of the Dariali Hydro Power Plant (HPP).

Information about dead and missing people has not yet been confirmed.

Locals said three men had died in this morning’s accident. It is believed the men are Turkish citizens and were employed as construction workers at the HPP.

The mudslides caused major damage to the North-South gas pipeline that transports natural gas from Russia to Armenia thorough Georgia. As a result, gas has been temporarily stopped from travelling along this route.

Meanwhile fresh mudslides have blocked the Georgian Military Road, a major route through the Caucasus from Georgia to Russia.

It is believed some people are missing inside the tunnel. Rescuers are trying to find survivors. Trolleys are also under the rubble.

Rescue officers with the Ministry of Internal Affairs are working to evacuate local villagers, as there are fears the water has risen to unsafe levels.