Landslide: Repairs begin on damaged Russia-Armenia gas pipeline

The demaged gas pipeline at Dargiali Gorge. Photo by, 22 Aug 2014 - 14:05, Tbilisi,Georgia

The gas supply to Armenia will resume in the next two days after this week’s landslide in northern Georgia damaged a major pipeline that supplies gas from Russia to Armenia, via Georgia, an official says.

A Turkish citizen employed at the Dariali Hydro Power Plant (HPP) died in the disaster, which struck Dariali Groge near Kazbegi and Georgia-Russian border.

Heavy equipment of Ministry of Energy and Road Department has been taken to the site and staff have already begun repair works.

Secretary of the State’s Security and Crisis Management Council Mindia Janelidze believed the gas supply to Armenia would be stopped for at least two days while repair work was completed on the damaged pipeline.

The same pipeline was damaged in the May 17 which struck at nearly the same place. In this occasion the pipeline was restored in less than a week.

"In the next two days the Ministry of Energy will resume the provision of gas supply by the use of a temporary pipeline. At least two weeks is needed for the affected pipeline to be fixed fully,” Janelidze said at a special press briefing today.

Yesterday the Armenian Government offered some kind of assistance to Georgia to help it recoup the losses caused by the landslide during Georgia’s Prime Minister’s official visit to Armenia.

Meanwhile, one major road through the Caucasus connecting Georgia to Russia was also blocked by Wednesday night’s landslide. It should be reopened in two weeks.

Fresh mudslides through Dariali Gorge also blocked the main road leading to the Kazbegi-Larsi Custom Service point with Russia.

The disaster claimed the life of one man and one more is missing.

Heavy rain was believed to be the cause of the landslide.