Anti-Corruption Agency detains 4 medical workers for group bribery, forgery

The crime is punishable by 4-6 years of imprisonment. Representational Image. Photo:, 12 Feb 2021 - 12:10, Tbilisi,Georgia

Officers of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the State Security Service of Georgia have detained four medical workers of a private clinic for group bribery and forgery, reports the State Security Service.

Police found that the director of the 4th Polyclinic Ltd, the director of the 4th Medical Center Ltd, the doctor of the same clinic and the doctor of the Ojakhis Mkurnali (eng. Family Therapist) Ltd prepared false health reports with a false diagnosis for foreign citizens in order to help them postpone deportation from Georgia. 

In return they received from 250 to 500 GEL.

The crime is punishable by 4-6 years of imprisonment.