Droa opposition leader Khoshtaria refuses to take medication while on hunger strike

Droa leader Elene Khoshtaria has been on hunger strike for 17 days. Photo: Elene Khoshtaria’s Facebook page.

Agenda.ge, 19 Nov 2021 - 11:17, Tbilisi,Georgia

Droa opposition party leader Elene Khoshtaria has stated that she will not take medication to maintain strength on the 17th day of her hunger strike as former president Mikheil Saakashvili reportedly fainted in a prison hospital yesterday and he was still not brought to a civil clinic. 

Khoshtaria, who is on hunger strike in the parliament building of Georgia, is demanding Saakashvili’s transfer to a civil clinic ‘for proper treatment.’ 

Doctors say that Saakashvili’s condition is stable now after yesterday’s incident on the  49th day of his hunger strike. 

Last night I was expecting that the government would take Saakashvili to a civil clinic. He is in a critical condition. That is why I decided not to take any medication,” Khoshtaria said. 

Ruling Georgian Dream party MPs including party head Irakli Kobakhidze have visited Khoshtaria on hunger strike and stated that they are ‘concerned’ about Khoshtaria’s health and have publicly called on her to end her hunger strike.

Kobakhidze further said that he is more concerned about Khoshtaria’s health than about Saakashvili’s ‘who is staging a show with his hunger strike.’