World's most expensive wine producer to start producing wine in Georgia

Vineyeards of wine company Askaneli. Photo: Askaneli., 18 May 2021 - 18:23, Tbilisi,Georgia

Influential French winemaker Loic Pasquet, founder of the company Liber Pater and producer of the world’s most expensive wine is interested in launching his first project in Georgia together with the founder of local wine company Askaneli, Gocha Chkhaidze, which aims to bring Georgian wine to the most expensive segment of the EU market.

In the best scenario we will be able to start producing Georgian wine which will be ready to enter the most expensive segment of the EU market in 12 years", Chkaidze told Forbes.

The project aims to cultivate vineyards in Georgia and grow the vine there to produce higher quality Georgian wine.

Pasquet visited Kakheti and Guria regions of Georgia. Photo: Ministry of Agriculture.

Pasquet has already visited the Georgian wine region of Kakheti and western region of Guria to learn about Georgian wine making traditions and history. 

We want to discover your wine. We have the opportunity to create a beautiful brand. Georgia is like a Beauty Sleep and you need to awaken it because it is a wonderful country with a huge history of its wine. We all know in Europe that wine was born in Georgia, but why don't we see a quality Georgian wine on the EU markets? Georgia is a cradle of wine and I believe it has great potential on the EU market", he said.

Pasquet typically makes about 1,200 bottles of the wine; in 2015 only 550 bottles were made. The price of the 2015 vintage was about €30,000 per bottle, which makes this wine from Bordeaux one of the world’s most expensive.