Civil activists protest amnesty bill in front of parliament

  • The amnesty bill is supposed to be submitted in parliament next week. Photo: RFERL, 25 Apr 2021 - 16:24, Tbilisi,Georgia

Civil activists have gathered in front of the parliament building in Tbilisi to protest the amnesty bill that is scheduled to be submitted next week. 

The recent EU-proposed agreement, signed by the Georgian political parties, obliges them to ‘initiate an amnesty law for all violations and convictions stemming from the 19-21 June 2019 protests’.

Opposition politicians who have signed the agreement including Girchi-More Freedom, Strategy Aghmashenebeli and Lelo say that the law will not concern the law enforcers who have violated their duties during the June protest two years ago. 

The signatories of the agreement will enter the state legislature on April 27 to submit an amnesty bill.