Nine of 14 parties who won seats in parliament ready to receive state funding

  • Several opposition parties say that if they refuse to take up their seats in parliament, they should not receive state funding. Photo: Nino Alavidze/, 27 Nov 2020 - 12:40, Tbilisi,Georgia

Nine of 14 political parties who received at least one per cent of votes in the October 31 parliamentary elections have sent a letter of consent to the country’s Central Election Commission to receive annual state funding. 

Eight of the nine parties who have been approved to receive state financing are opposition parties who have refused to take up their mandates in parliament and are demanding repeat elections.

The opposition parties who have not yet requested funding are European Georgia, Alliance of Patriots, Lelo, Girchi and Citizens.

All opposition parties, who won their seats in parliament, say that the elections were fabricated and refuse to take up their mandates. Photo: Nino Alavidze/ 

Per the election results the 14 parties who are allowed to receive annual, budget funding are as follows: 

  • Georgian Dream ruling party - 5,140,020 GEL. 
  • European Georgia - 1,124,409 GEL.
  • United National Movement - United opposition election bloc (five parties) - 3,115,635 GEL. (UNM - 2,299,635 GEL, State for the People - 240,000 GEL, Progress and Freedom - 12,000 GEL, Republican Party - 204,000 GEL, European Democrats - 360,000 GEL). 
  • Alliance of Patriots - 1,043,120 GEL. 
  • Labour party - 289,710 GEL. 
  • Aleko Elisashvili Citizens - 497,406 GEL. 
  • Giorgi Vashadze-Strategy Agmashenebeli election bloc -1,044,361 GEL (Giorgi Vashadze-Strategy Agmashenebeli-939,925 GEL, Law and Justice-104,436 GEL). 
  • Girchi - 777,990 GEL. 
  • Lelo - 803,560 GEL.