Five opposition parties, blocs request annulment of party lists

Five opposition parties have signed a memorandum earlier today agreeing that they will not enter parliament. Photo: Nino Alavidze/, 11 Dec 2020 - 17:21, Tbilisi,Georgia

Five opposition parties and election blocs that were voted into parliament have submitted a request to Georgia’s Central Election Commission asking for their party lists to be annulled, meaning candidates on the lists would not be able to replace opposition MPs who will officially refuse to take up their mandates in parliament. 

The parties and election blocs which have requested the annulment of their party lists are the United National Movement-United opposition election bloc ( UNM, State for the People and Progress and Freedom. The remaining one member of the bloc-Republicans have not requested the annulment so far), European Georgia, Lelo, Strategy Agmashenebeli and Labour party. 

The five parties signed a memorandum earlier today in which they said that they are demanding repeat elections and refuse to take up their mandates. 

The five parties and election blocs received 50 seats in parliament per the results of the October 31 elections.  

The members of the parties say that they will request the parliament to suspend their MP status on December 17. 

The opposition parties received 60 seats in parliament. However, they state that the elections were fabricated and are now demanding repeat elections. Photo: RFE/RL. 

The opposition parties which have not requested the annulment of their party lists so far are as follows: 

  • Republicans (which is a part of the UNM election bloc) 
  • Aleko Elisashvili’s Citizens – 2 seats in parliament
  • Girchi – 4 seats
  • Alliance of Patriots – 4 seats

The 10th convocation of the parliament of Georgia has held its first session today.

No opposition MPs attended the session. 

The new parliament has recognised the legitimacy of all 150 members of parliament earlier today. 

Opposition parties took to the street following the October 31 parliamentary elections. 

They say that the elections were fabricated and are demanding repeat elections. 

Foreign ambassadors have already mediated four meetings between the ruling party and the opposition to help the parties end the political crisis. 

The EU and US ambassadors have expressed hope earlier today that the parties will manage to reach an agreement during the following meetings.