Gyms, fitness clubs in Georgia given coronavirus regulation requirements to reopen

Gyms, fitness clubs will open in Georgia after inspections by the Labour Conditions Inspection Department. Photo: IPN., 08 Jul 2020 - 14:08, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Ministry of Health has issued a series of coronavirus regulations for gyms and fitness centres to reopen today. 

Gyms were closed in mid-March 2020 in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

Before entering buildings, staff and customers must undergo thermal screening. Inside, social distancing of two meters must be observed. 

Open shower rooms will be off limits, while individual towels should be provided for visitors in single-use packaging. Customers can use their own towels as well.

Face masks will be mandatory in common spaces, except training rooms. Clientele must have access to their own locker, while food and drink services will not be able to provide services at the bar. 

As for group classes, no more than 10 individuals will be allowed to exercise at a time.

The ministry also has recommendations for the staff of gyms and fitness clubs. Protective transparent barriers should be in reception spaces for the staff in order to prevent them from infecting with the virus. In case of using cash, staff should wear gloves.

The Ministry of Health recommends enclosed spaces should be provided with natural ventilation. Ventilation system should be on constantly (24/7)  in sanitary rooms, wet cleaning should be used in exercise spaces at the end of each day.

Gyms, fitness clubs will be able to open in Georgia after passing inspections by the Labour Conditions Inspection Department.