One injured in explosion allegedly due to gas leak in residential building in Tbilisi [VIDEO]

The Georgian Interior Ministry has started an investigation into the explosion. Photo: 1TV., 28 Oct 2019 - 22:13, Tbilisi,Georgia

One individual has received injuries  due to the explosion on Tevdore Mgvdeli Street in Didube district of Tbilisi earlier today. 

The Georgian Interior Ministry says that the gas leak was is likely the reason for the explosion. 

The video has been released by 

The condition of the injured 77-year-old man is critical, with 35 per cent of his body burnt, the Georgian media reports. 

The residents of the building had to leave the area. 

Between 2016 and 2018, 86 people died in explosions and intoxication caused by natural gas leaks and 285 were poisoned in Tbilisi, Tbilisi Energy reports. 

Georgian government officials stated in January 2019 that  regulations would become tougher in terms of the installation of gas distribution devices.