Short film ‘Bad People’ among winners at London’s Discover Film Award

‘Bad People’ is centred around dramatic events in Georgia’s capital during the civil war in the 1990s. Photo: 20 Steps Productions., 17 Apr 2019 - 18:39, Tbilisi,Georgia

Filmmaker Giorgi Tavartkiladze’s short Bad People, presenting a story from the tumultuous 1990s in Georgia, has claimed its second international prize following the film’s premiere last month.


The 20-minute work was singled out at the Discover Film Awards in London, with juries of the event selecting it for the Best International Drama Award.


The awards in London followed the Discover Short Film Festival, held between April 4-7 and promoted as “one of the biggest short film festivals in the world”. Tavartkiladze’s film was part of the line-up of the event’s seventh edition.


Bad People follows Gia, a participant in the Georgian Civil War of the early 1990s, in the realm of widespread unrest, economic and social hardship and political chaos in the country.




Thrust in the grim reality of two opposing armed groups facing off in downtown Tbilisi — in a mirror representation of the real-life events of the time — Gia seeks to get hold of medicine for his son, while also finding himself in an encounter with his former schoolmate now fighting on the other side of the divide.


Based on screenplay by Tavartkiladze and Vladimer Katcharava, Bad People screened at the Prince Charles cinema in London’s Leicester Square, a traditional location where organisers present their annual selection from over 4,000 initial submissions.


For the director, the Best International Drama prize follows the Best Action Short Award he received for the film at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival.


Produced by Tbilisi-based 20 Steps Productions, Bad People premiered at the Hong Kong International Film Festival last month.