Rati Tsiteladze’s latest film ’Prisoner of Society’ earns honours at Finnish festival

  • The short by Tsiteladze premiered at the Tampere Film Festival last week. Photo: Rati Tsiteladze filmmaker Facebook page.
Agenda.ge, 12 Mar 2018 - 16:19, Tbilisi,Georgia

The latest work by film director Rati Tsiteladze has received dual recognition by European cinema experts after Prisoner of Society was named Best Documentary of the Tampere Film Festival and nominated for a European Film Academy prize last weekend.

Tsiteladze’s short was unveiled among winners of the international competition of the event promoted as "one of the most important short film festivals in the world” and held in Finland.

The work, delving into social and family rejection experienced by a transgender person, premiered at the event where about 500 films were screened starting March 7.

The Georgian filmmaker reacted to the award on Sunday by revealing the production of the work had been done "without a budget" and described the award and nomination to his social media followers as "indescribable joy".

Prisoner of Society is an intimate journey into the world and mind of a young transgender woman trapped between personal desire for freedom and traditional expectations of her parents [...]”, said a summary of the short for the Tampere event.

The profile of the film for the festival also said the documentary was centred around the family of the protagonist, with "hidden fears, hopes and motives” of its members.

A co-production effort between Georgia and Latvia, the film was co-written by Tsiteladze with screenwriter Nino Varsimashvili.

Its premiere and successful debut marks the latest collaboration between the two professionals who also worked on the 2016 title Mother and are involved in the work-in-progress project The Empty House.

Tsiteladze co-produced his latest work with Swedish producer Thom Palmen, with the Tbilisi-based ArtWay Film studio working on production.

Along with the Best Documentary award, Prisoner of Society was also selected by the festival and the European Film Academy to be nominated for the European Short Film prize at the European Film Awards later this year.

It will be considered for the recognition at the awards ceremony in Seville, Spain in December, which hands out prizes for some of the best European releases annually.

The occasion will be broadcast live on the European Film Awards website.