Irine Jordania's '12 K. Marx Street' picked for PÖFF Shorts festival

Tina Lagidze is cast as the protagonist in the screenplay by Jordania. Photo via, 16 Oct 2019 - 17:41, Tbilisi,Georgia

Director Irine Jordania's 12 K. Marx Street is among just 40 works selected from more than 3300 submissions to screen at the PÖFF Shorts festival opening in Tallinn, Estonia next month.

Shown at the Sarajevo Film Festival earlier this year, the short will be part of what is considered as one of the largest short and animated festivals in Europe's north, in addition to being a British Academy Film Awards-qualifying event and, starting next year, a member of the European Film Academy.

Jordania's work will be part of the International Live Action Competition, with animated films having their own section and National Competition rounding off the programmes.

In 12 K. Marx Street, Jordania's protagonist connects to a stranger - and to her childhood - after her phone call to a number she has been trying to reach is suddenly answered one day.

It is revealed that the stranger who answers the phone lives in the woman’s childhood home - the home the woman’s family were forced to leave to escape war. The two start to form a bond” - Sarajevo Film Festival

The director also worked on the screenplay for the short that casts Tina Lagidze and David Ujmajuridze in the two roles.

Gigi Samsonadze and Tato Kotetishvili contributed through direction of photography for the work produced at the Tbilisi-based Millimeter Film.

The PÖFF Shorts festival, a sister event to the feature-oriented PÖFF (Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival), will run in the Estonian capital between November 19-27. Organisers are expeted to reveal their final programme for the event by November 8.