Georgia is no longer among the countries whose citizens commit most crimes in Germany

Headquarters of the Federal Ministry of the Interior of Germany. Photo by Matti Blume, 27 Apr 2017 - 11:55, Tbilisi,Georgia

For the first time in recent years, Georgia has not been among the 25 countries whose citizens commit the most crimes in Germany.

This was revealed after the German Interior Ministry released its 2016 crime statistics earlier this week.

"Yesterday 2016 German police statistics were released, which saw a positive trend in the past several years and Georgia was not among the 25 countries whose citizens most frequently commit a crime in Germany. In recent years it was the first time when such a decrease was observed for Georgia”, said Gvantsa Chkhvimiani, Georgia’s police attaché in Germany to Georgian media.

In comparison, in the 2015 report Georgia was named 19th among the countries with the highest crime rate in Germany.

The German Interior Ministry releases such reports once a year. It analyses crime statistics from all 16 federal provinces of the country. In 2016 a total of registered number of crimes was 6 million.

The Georgian Ministry of Interior Affairs successfully cooperates with European Union member states in the field of the fight against crime. The country has deployed police attachés in partner states in order to ensure the fast and efficient cooperation with local law enforcement agencies.