Georgian author’s poetry published in Sweden to critical acclaim

Georgian author Lia Liqokeli's collection Laugh of Giant's Wife was published in Sweden after winning the Georgian national Saba award for Best Literary Debut in 2014. Photo by Shota Gujabidze., 14 Jan 2016 - 15:44, Tbilisi,Georgia

A collection of poetry by award-winning Georgian author has been praised by Swedish critics after its publication in the Scandinavian country.

Poet Lia Liqokeli's collection Laugh of Giant's Wife was called "exotic" and "original" by Swedish culture review website

The review of the book translated and published in Sweden last year paid tributes to the poet's work and likened her to a popular late Swedish poet:

The lyrics are very original. In some poems, she holds the everyday and reminds somewhat of Sonja Akesson … In other texts she excels at breakneck parables that never seems to end," said the review.

The collection - also praised by the review for enabling readers to "pay attention and think" - already won Liqokeli the 2014 Saba Literary Prize in Georgia for Best Literary Debut.

Raised in northeast Georgia's mountainous Khevsureti region, Liqokeli graduated from Tbilisi's Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University with a degree in stage direction.

She staged a number of productions before turning her focus to writing, with her social network followers becoming the first readers of the author's poetry.

The enthusiastic readers collected the works to publish them in literary newspaper Galaktioni and magazine Literaturuli Palitra.

As a result of the publications Liqokeli's works caught the attention of poet Mariam Tsiklauri who encouraged the newcomer to engage in public writing, paving the way for her 2014 prize and foreign publication.

The Swedish translation of Liqokeli's collection was published with the support of the Georgian National Book Centre.