Anthology of Georgian women poets released for francophone readers

The anthology brings biographical notes and works by poets between the 1930s and the current Georgian scene to readers. Photo via Irma Shiolashvili on Facebook., 05 Mar 2021 - 18:47, Tbilisi,Georgia

A collection of works by over a dozen women poets from Georgia is being prepared for introduction to French-speaking readers in Europe and Canada, with the anthology featuring some of the highlights from the local literary scene.

With more than 60 poems by 15 women selected for showcase on its pages, the first copies of the book entitled I Am Numerous have already left the printing presses in France, organisers of the project revealed.

Readers in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada will be able to find poems around "women's lives, experiences, joys and difficulties", said a summary for the anthology translated into French by Bachana Chabradze and published by Linventaire.

The publication, a result of a joint initiative involving the Live Books project by the culture ministry and the Writers' House of Georgia, brings to readers works by Lia Sturua, Maia Sarishvili, Ela Gochiashvili, Rusudan Kaishauri, Diana Anphimiadi, Eka Kevanishvili, Lia Liqokeli, Lela Tsutskiridze, Irma Shiolashvili, Kato Javakhishvili, Lela Samniashvili, Mariam Tsiklauri, Nato Ingorokva, Nino Sadgobelashvili and Tea Topuria.

Released for Georgia's participation in an upcoming Paris Book Festival edition, I Am Numerous also introduces the poets themselves through its pages, with the biographies from various eras of Georgian literary scene, from the 1930s to contemporary times.

The publishers plan to release the anthology - the first French-language book on Georgian women poets - in designated countries starting on March 8.