PM Kvirikashvili: We will introduce German model of higher education

  • Georgia’s Prime Minister spoke about the necessity of a systemic reform of higher education in Georgia. Photo by, 16 Feb 2016 - 18:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili says Georgia will introduce the German model of higher education where the Government will fund the most needed professions.

While meeting businessmen in capital Tbilisi, PM Kvirikashvili spoke about the necessity of a systemic reform of higher education in Georgia.  He said Germany’s higher education system was the "most effective” model and Georgia would adopt this model to develop the country’s tertiary education sector. 

I believe the German model [is the best] as the country founded the modern-day education system,” Kvirikashvili said.

Georgia's PM spoke about the importance of reforming the higher education with the businessmen. Photo by the Prime Minister's webpage,

The PM emphasised through the new education system, the Government would finance the professions demanded by certain industries and not only those wished by youth.

The financing plan will be stretched out over five years. This approach to higher education is important as currently we actually encourage unemployment by financing less-needy directions for the country,” said Kvirikashvili.
For instance, annually our education institutions produce five times more bankers than what is needed, while we lack professionals in the  field of animal farming, food technology, veterinarians and more,” the PM added.

Kvirikahsvili believed the higher education reform might force changes within existing educational institutions so they can respond to necessity upgrades however in the long run this would be hugely beneficial for Georgia and its students.