Winners of international study scholarships announced

Winners are 49 graduates, 13 PhD students and 16 others who were awarded grants last year. Photo by N. Alavidze, 08 Jul 2014 - 17:49, Tbilisi,Georgia

The International Education Centre has revealed the winners of a state scholarship to study abroad.

More than 1,200 people applied for the scholarships but only 78 were successful. The winners will have their masters and doctoral programs funded by the scholarships.

Among the winners are 49 graduates, 13 PhD students and 16 others who were awarded similar grants last year.

The Centre said the priority fields while allocating scholarships were engineering-technological, social, natural and exact sciences. In addition, seven scholarship winners will study the arts, five will study law, five will study business, two will study health and one will pursue further studies in education.

The successful applicants were chosen by the International Education Centre Commission based on applications and interviews. The Commission used pre-established criteria, such as academic performance, motivation, selected profession, priority of the educational institution and other factors to determine the suitability of each candidate. Each of the 10 Commission members assessed each each applicant individually.

The Commission decided to award state scholarships to 78 people, who will now travel abroad to learn. The cost of their courses will be funded by the scholarships. After finishing their intended programs, the recipients must return to Georgia and serve in the public sector for at least three years and use their knowledge to aid the development of the country.

Almost 1,280 people applied for a scholarship. Of these, 514 made specific choices based on programs they wished to study. Once the applications were reviewed 116 people were interviewed and 78 were awarded scholarships.

The International Education Centre was created in May by following an initiative by Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili. He wanted to make international higher education accessible for all Georgian citizens, provide the public sector with qualified staff and bring international knowledge into Georgia.

The total cost of the project is expected to reach 7 million GEL.