Government initiates state scholarships for studying abroad

The Deputy Head of Government Administration presented the International Education Center today., 02 May 2014 - 18:12, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian learners will soon be able to study abroad and have better access to international education thanks to the creation of an International Education Centre - an initiative of the Prime Minister.

The Deputy Head of Government Administration, Nino Kobakhidze held a press-conference today and announced an International Education Centre had been created which aimed to make international higher education accessible for Georgian citizens, provide the public sector with qualified staff and bring international knowledge into Georgia.

"The International Education Centre carries out three basic programs which are: Financing Master’s and Doctoral programs in world leading Universities, inviting foreign and Georgian successful researchers and practitioners who live abroad to share their knowledge, as well as organizing vocational trainings and coursers for public sector employees."

She also noted that every Georgian citizen, including the ones living in occupied territories, can apply for scholarships to fund Masters or Doctoral programs. People with special needs or those who are from vulnerable families will be offered special attention, she said.

"The Financing Commission has chosen objective criteria for giving out the scholarships. These are academic achievement, personal motivation and the selected faculty,” Kobakhidze noted.

She said priority fields for the state were law, agriculture, engineering and natural sciences, architecture, urban development, social sciences and defence and security.

Students who are granted a scholarship must take responsibility to return to Georgia once they have completed their degrees and serve in the public sector for at least three years and use their knowledge to aid the development of the country.

The International Education Centre will begin accepting applications from May 7 until July 7 through the website The cost of the project is 7 million GEL.

Kobakhidze said the Government was already working on legislative changes, according to which internships for students in public sectors will become universal.

"After the changes students and graduates will have the possibility to start internships in all public agencies, including the ones in regions. This program will give new opportunities to the students because it will help them gain working experience and will promote their employment in the public sector,” she noted.