Tourist rescued after falling into ravine

The adventure enthusiast from Poland is now in good health. Photo by Interior Ministry, 02 May 2014 - 13:49, Tbilisi,Georgia

A foreign tourist’s life has been saved after a successful mountain rescue by Georgian officers in the northern region of Georgia.

The adventure enthusiast from Poland fell into a ravine while he was standing at the top of a cliff. It is believed the tourist was standing near the edge enjoying the view. 

The accident happened near the Stepanthsminda-Gudauri highway in the Kazbegi municipality of Georgia.

After pulling the injured man out, the Interior Ministry’s emergency management officers provided basic first aid and carried him to the ambulance centre.

Emergency services said the man was in a stable condition and his health was not at risk.

Kazbegi is one of Georgia's top tourist destinations. This part of the country is famous throughout the world for its dramatic mountain range and the third highest peak (5,033 meters) in the country.

It has been well loved by mountain climbers since Mount Kazbek was first climbed in 1868 by an Englishman from the London Alpine Club and has been an important destination for climbers ever since.

The area is also known for being home to a variety of wild flowers which astonish visitors from all over the world. The perennials that bloom in the legendary gardens of English country houses originate in this area and were brought to England by botanists of the Victorian era.

The region is named after the famous local noble pastoral poet Alexander Kazbegi, who lived for seven years as a shepherd and wrote his famous poems celebrating the beauty and richness of these mountains.