Georgian women detained near occupation line released

Locals stated they were thankful to their Ossetian neighbours for paying the fine. Photo:, 27 Apr 2014 - 15:04, Tbilisi,Georgia

Three Georgian women detained by Russian forces have been released after paying a fine.

The women, who lived in the Khurvaleti village near the occupation line of the de-facto South Ossetia, were released today after paying a fine worth 6,000 Russian Rubles ($166 USD).

The women – Rusudan Khuroshvili, Zeinab Kharkheli and Lali Khuroshvili– were unlawfully detained on April 25 in the Kareli district.

Interpressnews reported the fine had been paid by Ossetia and the detainees were thankful to their Ossetian neighbours for their actions.

The women were arrested by so-called border guards on the outskirts of the village and unlawfully taken in the direction of the Ossetian-controlled territory.

The women were accused of "illegally crossing” the so-called border.

According to the local population, the women were following their cattle when they were arrested.

Meanwhile a fourth Georgian citizen was detained yesterday evening and was accused of committing the same crime.

Merab Kapanadze, 70, had been following his cattle when he was detained in the Terdznisi village, also in the Kareli district.