Seven more Georgian citizens illegally detained at border

This it the fifth detention of Georgian citizens from Sachkhere district in the latest two weeks for "illegal crossing" de-facto Suth-Ossetian border., 12 May 2014 - 12:29, Tbilisi,Georgia

Seven more Georgian citizens from the Sachkhere province have been detained by Russian border guards at the occupation line for allegedly illegally crossing the border into de-facto South Ossetia.

The Georgian locals, who have not been named, were picking capers in the rural outskirt of their village when they were captured by Russian soldiers.

Lately, Georgian locals have frequently been detained in the forests near Sachkhere villages but the locals continue to go there to pick capers as selling them is a source of income for the region’s residents.

This is the fifth detention in Sachkhere during the latest two weeks. Currently more than 20 Georgian citizens have been accused of illegally crossing the border and are being held in isolation cells in Tskhinvali.