Georgia’s Revenue Service: media reports of customs problems on Russia-Georgia border “a lie”

The Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia stated on Thursday the Kazbegi checkpoint on the Russia-Georgia border was providing customs services round the clock. Photo: Mikheil Gvasalia, 28 Jul 2022 - 17:30, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia on Thursday dismissed reports by several opposition-minded TV channels on alleged problems in monitoring of international cargo shipments and provision of border crossing procedures at the Kazbegi checkpoint on the Russia-Georgia border in the north of Georgia.

In remarks to the allegations, the agency stressed that the media reports “aimed to mislead the public” and “deliberately disseminate fake information”. 

The Revenue Service suggested that due to the increase in the cargo and transport flow in the entire region, all customs checkpoints across the country had switched to an emergency mode, stating that Georgia was acting “in accordance with international recommendations and in cooperation with partner states to prevent the entry of any sanctioned items”. 

Considering the situation, in order to carry out the customs formalities safely and effectively, some delays are possible. Herewith, the delay could be caused due to the updated infrastructural work and the introduction of new electronic registration systems at the customs checkpoint on the side of Russia”, said the agency. 

To effectively respond to the seasonal inflow of tourists, the Revenue Service said that the Kazbegi checkpoint had switched to the “round the clock operational mode to further strengthen the customs monitoring of goods,vehicles and individuals”. 

In the final note, the Revenue Service called on media outlets to refrain from the dissemination of disinformation.