Acclaimed Georgian writer Guram Dochanashvili dies at 82

Born on March 26, 1939 in Tbilisi, Guram Dochanashvili studied history at Tbilisi State University. Photo from Writers' House of Georgia, 03 Apr 2021 - 14:31, Tbilisi,Georgia

Internationally recognised Georgian writer Guram Dochanashvili has passed away at the age of 82.

The historian by profession he was Georgia’s much beloved prose writer, whose literary works have been popular since1970s.

Dochanashvili's novel The First Robe, which tells the story of a principal character who leaves his family house in search of adventures based on the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son, has become a modern Georgian classic.

Photo from Liberali webpage

In 2016, Georgian composer Zaza Marjanishvili staged a show featuring opera singers, ballet dancers and actors in a choreographic drama based on Dochanashvili’s novel at the Georgian State Opera Theatre. 

An unprecedented large group of 180 people worked to create the theatre version of Dochanashvili's The First Robe which involved elements of opera, ballet, graphic arts and drama. 

Some of Dochanashvili's literary prizes and awards include:

  • Honourable Citizen of Tbilisi award - 2020
  • Oracle of Art prize for his Special Contribution to the Development of Georgian Culture - 2017
  • Saint George’s Order for Establishing Moral Values - 2013
  • Honorary award SABA for the Contribution to the Georgian Literature - 2010
  • Tbilisi State University Award for the Water(po)loo, or Restorative Works - 1975
  • State Prize for Literary Work - 1995

Dochanashvili’s short stories have been published in many countries including the United States, Mexico and Germany.

More information about the late author's life and career is available at the Georgian National Book Center's webpage.