Georgian philologist, teacher Tamaz Kvachantiradze dies aged 81

Georgian scholar, politician Tamaz Kvachantiradze. Photo:, 15 Aug 2021 - 19:03, Tbilisi,Georgia

Family members on Sunday confirmed the passing away of Tamaz Kvatchantiradze - a philologist, TV presenter and Georgia's education teacher in the 1990s.

Homages were paid to the language scholar by officials and institutions, ranging from education minister Mikheil Chkhenkeli to the New Education newspaper he founded. Chkhenkeli called his death "unquestionably a major loss for the philological science and the Georgian public."

The current minister also praised TV Series in Georgian Language and Literature and Journey Into the World of Words, the two television productions Kvatchantiradze led as presenter, as "equally compelling for viewers of all ages" interested in philology and Georgian literature.

The late language scholar was also known for his teaching at the Tbilisi State University and led the Georgian Language and Literature at School magazine between 1978-1990. Kvatchantiradze also published books on the subject, including Comparatives in the Georgian Language and Journey Into the World of Words.

His work at the government level involved the ministerial position between 1993-1998. Kvatchantiradze was honoured for his work with the state Order of Honour, Georgian State Prize and Shota Rustaveli State Prize.